Innovation and Problem Solving

The Code of the Innovative Mind-Innovation and Problem Solving

People in management positions as well as employees frequently find themselves in situations which demand unconventional thinking. Our premise lies in the fact that we cannot totally prevent surprises, errors and stressful situations. This stimulating workshop aims to delve into the possibilities of turning an error into a business opportunity, approaching a problem from various angles and legitimizing risk taking and experimentation as necessary conditions for innovation and initiative in management.

In the era of the third millennium, where the key word is innovation, we can no longer be satisfied with attaining information. We must attain built-in tools for revealing and developing our cognitive abilities so that we can create, not only respond.

Workshop Content (2 days)

  • Different styles of problem solving and thinking patterns
  • Disproving paradigms and conventional thinking patterns
  • What’s our creativity type? ( Primary versus Secondary)
  • Coping with obstacles that hinder initiative and creativity
  • The Intelligence Trap (How our intelligence can hold back our creativity…)
  • Creativity through pressure versus
  • Turning mistakes into opportunities ( active session)
  • The Innovation Trends of 2016 ( 7 distinct films)
  • Innovation through Passion ( see “The Power of Passion”)

Note: This workshop can be designed for diverse disciplines and is tailored to customers’ needs.

*The third day is dedicated to personal coaching for each participant and will deal with implementation.

How and Why?

It is highly recommended that this workshop on innovation be given to all managers and employees. It is therefore a tool to create a new, united “language” that strengthens innovation, creativity and passion for thinking out of the box.

Workshops can be held homogenously to managers only or heterogeneously, where there are fewer boundaries between managers and their employees (subject to the organization’s decision).

In what way ARE these workshops different?

These workshops are premised on three principles:

  1. Experience:

Exposure to dozens of innovative problem solving exercises while enabling the participants to be personally and socially challenged (working both individually and in selected groups).

  1. Learning

The participants will acquire more than five different strategies and methods of how to approach obstacles and problems in their working and interpersonal environments.

  1. Implementation:

This third principal is a must and is the focus of the third day of the workshop, enabling implementation of the strategies on the actual working environment of each participant.

How can we ensure change after the workshops?

We can’t!

The workshops alone will not change the organization. They are two steps in a long path to be taken. However, we can initiate two valuable actions:

  1. Alongside the given workshops- enhancing a more profound cultural change that will touch all the various aspects of the organization
  2. Create specific criteria for evaluation and measurement of innovation– i.e. what do we expect each participant to gain and contribute before and after the process? How do we continue to use the given methods in the work setting of each participant? And perhaps how do we create “winning teams” to pursue those innovative ideas that have been brought up in the workshops?

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