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Leadership- is it a skill? A genetic power? A social gift?

How shall we define this complex word that harbors so many meanings and subtexts? Is there one “winning” leadership style? Are there numerous types? How can we recognize a true leader? And what would be the difference between a social guru and a real leader?

The answer would be intricate, yet it is certain that the word “leadership” brings up various associations, such as: Power, Influence, Inspiration, Guidance and Impact.

It is also about a constant process and journey, rather than a mere destination. Leaders do not search merely for results. They discern the process of how results are achieved. And it is indeed a huge difference. It’s about motivating people, about bringing the impossible to reality. It’s about being a true, humble example of the way you wish to progress. It’s about being able to turn a failure into an opportunity and encouraging people to experience risk taking as a necessary process towards a desired breakthrough.

Leading styles:

  1. Leading by Example
  2. Leading by Strengths
  3. Leading by Vision
  4. Leading by Results
  5. Leading by Networking
  6. Leading by Emotions

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Orit Wolf’s Leadership Programs are tailor made and designed by customer needs.

Before approaching the program, it is essential to consider the following questions/objectives:

  1. The original need: What is the key reason/primary need to conduct leadership programs in the organization?
  2. Is the program designed by junior or senior leaderships?
  3. Do we aim to conduct this program for managers or rather for any influential figures of the organization? (Hierarchy! – is it still necessary? )
  4. Do we prefer that the program rely on task/result leadership types or communication/people/vision styles?
  5. What is our time frame?
  6. How many people are involved?
  7. How would we define “success” of the leadership program? What would be the means to measure its effectiveness?

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