Conference Hosting

Dr. Orit Wolf is regularly invited to host conferences worldwide.

Her unique interpersonal skills, knowledge of innovation, business trends and creative marketing, and her being a busy concert pianist together create a perfect blend for effective conference hosting.

Having Wolf speak, play, engage and interact with her audience can assure a memorable event that is unique and resonant.

Aside from being a key note speaker on international events, she is often invited to host a whole week of international business forums where she gives her insights, personal examples and live metaphors. All these are planned thoroughly and integrated into the given lectures. Her ability to offer a new realm of conception and outlook on a given subject is done with tremendous passion and with humor that does not leave the audience indifferent. People are prompted to tears and laughter by Wolf’s sessions.

Her experience includes working with top global organizations, as well as presenting them worldwide in the pharmaceutical, economic and software fields (Verint, IBM, Orange, Teva, Leumi Bank, etc).

Each conference demands a completely different approach and Wolf is highly experienced in creating a unique program for each client that enables her to reach the ultimate goals and target markets of the forum. She fits her art and business experience into the client’s world, giving a true implementation of the particular subjects to be discussed.

Her loyal clients often invite her over and over again to assure a successful symposium. She prides herself on creating a common interest and passionate atmosphere among a variety of different nationalities and interests.

Watch Dr. Orit Wolf in her major talk at the Marketing Society Annual Event, London, Royal Opera Hall, on “The Art of Disruption” ( November, 2014):

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