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Human Resources (HR) leaders are facing a crucial challenge in the 21st century. In an era where everything is highly measured, HR must catch up with concrete measurement tools to reflect upon its very own progress and work.

Is it really the “soft” part of the organization, as we often tend to think of it, or is it the heart of the human “bank” and knowledge center of the whole company, which needs to be empowered and regain its stage?

Many HR managers are feeling somewhat under-valued by their colleagues in the very same organization. There is an unspoken belief that HR is “secondary” in comparison with R&D, or finance departments for example. But is this really so? What has happened that perhaps created that “secondary” feeling about the community of HR managers?
It seems that for decades HR (which was earlier called “Manpower”) was thought of as an “inner server” of the organization. Human resources was merely considered as a service provider. It has not been viewed as a leading strategist department, but rather the “one who implements greater ideas”. This is now bound to change, as HR leaders are in fact holding the heart of the knowledge and humanity of the whole business in the most sensitive way.

It is only a matter of rebranding its stake, of capturing new tools of measurement, and turning the “soft skills” into essential, measurable proficiencies. All these will enable HR departments to supply new insights in diverse areas, which until today were not carefully scrutinized. Creativity and Innovation are no longer “intuitive zones”. There are solid methods to evaluate the efficiency of innovation practice. Talent development and career management are no longer considered a “bonus” for the employee, but rather a new “schooling” method that creates a measured elevation of motivation and passion among people.

We can now easily use new technologies that enable us to assess and appraise the advantages and disadvantages of every change we insert in the heart of an organization. The era of “soft skills” no longer exists. Those skills belong to bygone times (only few years ago…) when there was no option to measure their power of change through solid numbers.
We are now facing a momentous prospect of turning our resources into powerful components of the whole organization. It is in our hands to determine what works and what doesn’t. It is in our hands to renew the ways we choose to develop our human reserves. It is in our hands to invest smartly in the assets of knowledge and futurism.
HR is undergoing a new “branding” phase. It is a true revolution that encompasses all business sectors and it is our prerogative to take part in this new wave.
Dr. Orit Wolf has been working with leading HR departments in global organizations, while helping them to reposition and rebrand themselves inside the company itself. Her main methodology involves intensive yet accessible work with all hierarchies of the organization- from bottom to top. It is through this methodology, innovation practice and business partners that she succeeds in making a true change. Her projects have won numerous prizes for their uniqueness and originality.

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