Sharp Individual Marketing

The development of the SIM workshop (Sharp Individual Marketing) has emerged as a focus of attention due to the strong urge to step out of the familiar branding sessions and find a true answer for those who wish to brand themselves effectively. The core idea is that one must know how to brand, position and market that most precious “product” –oneself.

We may be excellent in selling various products, but less effective when it comes to “selling” ourselves “objectively”.

What are our core strengths? What is the best way to present ourselves? How may we find the right balance between telling about our achievements and not sounding too conceited or arrogant? Is there only one convincing way? How can we train ourselves methodically to acquire these skills for “intimate” marketing?

All of these essential questions will be thoroughly developed in the current workshop, which will enable the participants to work and “negotiate” their strengths in front of an active group. Each participant will be recorded and filmed during the sessions and will get individual and collective feedback from both the trainer and the rest of the participants.

Among the subjects:

  • Know your product
  • Named marketing
  • Learn your audience
  • Choose your options and control your “weaknesses”
  • “Sell” yourself in 30 seconds!
  • “Your strength is your biggest weakness” – facing the two extremes
  • Turning mistakes into opportunities in real time
  • How to maintain a permanent added value to your “customers”?
  • From “old” marketing to “sharing vital knowledge”
  • Using crowd sourcing and social nets to your marketing benefit
  • From marketing content to marketing experience

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