Music, Warmth, Mastery and Innovation with Orit Wolf

Music, Warmth, Mastery and Innovation with Orit Wolf

Dr. Orit Wolf

Orit Wolf is an acclaimed international concert pianist, lecturer, and business consultant for innovative thinking and creative marketing. Orit talks on how she uses her music background to consult companies on innovation and inspire leaders to create a more creative work environment. Listen to Orit’s story and more on today’s episode.


00:01:55 Orit talks about her music background.
00:06:10 Orit had to prove her passion for piano to her parents before they took it seriously.
00:08:25 How did Orit get into innovation? She shares a story about failure.
00:14:10 When you’re on stage, you have to react instantly when things go wrong.
00:14:30 Reflection is a crucial moment for both business and musicians.
00:17:25 Life is about exploring and playing, it’s not about winning or losing.
00:20:20 Organizations do not need geniuses to run them, they just need average people.
00:24:30 How can someone help their team to be more creative?
00:30:25 Ask your staff about their dreams.
00:33:55 As leaders, we need to create the space for people to be passionate about their work.
The Power of Passion

The Power of Passion

Dr. Orit Wolf
How to leave a Personal Mark – The Art of Persuasion

This unique guest lecture is all about Passion and Motivation; The Passion to succeed, the Passion to lead, the Passion to innovate. Are people born with this attribute of passion, or do they rather gain it by education?
How will we recognize people with Passion and high motivation and how is it connected to leadership? Nowadays, we are eager to examine the “genetic code” of those who do not compromise so easily, the ones who have the spark of life, despite all obstacles. Could we find the “formula” for Passion at work, this love for risk taking, and learn its components? How do we start to teach passion and insert it into organizations? All this in a revealing lecture, accompanied with rare examples of films with the most powerful artists, lecturers, leaders and renowned figures that had the courage to break the patterns.

The Art of Disruption

The Art of Disruption

Dr. Orit Wolf
On Music, Innovation and Leadership

How can concert pianists function a model of a new thinking platform for leadership? What can music making reveal and hint to the business world? How does a musician improvise on stage when disruptions and mistakes occur? Is there a way to train us as managers and leaders to do the same? On Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Orit Wolf speaks in a fascinating guest lecture next to the piano at the Marketing Society of Britain – Annual event 2014, held at the Royal Opera Hall in Covent Garden, London.

4 minute film from Orit Wolf's Guest Lecture: The Art of Disruption
Orit Wolf at our Annual Conference 2014
Dr Orit Wolf Highlights
In Conversation with Orit Wolf
Orit Wolf
דר' אורית וולף - מגמות החדשנות של 2012-2013 /
אורית וולף במוזיאון ראלי בקיסריה Orit Wolf Speaks about her Life and Art
אורית וולף למצוא את הצליל האישי כנס נשים ועסקים דה מרקר 2010
אורית וולף - למצוא את הצליל האישי חלק 2 - נשים ועסקי
אורית וולף - למצוא את הצליל האישי - חלק 3 - נשים ועסקים
אורית וולף- הרצאה עבור קרן שמש


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